We use a range of tools to drive your business forward. 

Business Case Development & Approval

From a thorough feasibility study to developing a detailed business case, Condor helps your organisation to evaluate and make strategic investments.

Our Services Include:

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) Support

Effectively managing the entire client lifecycle improves customer experience, reduces cost to serve and identifies growth opportunities. 

Cost-out Transformation

A strategic approach to analysing your organisation's processes, systems and resources to identify areas of efficiency, develop a plan and realise benefits. 

Digital Adoption

Designing and delivering a digital implementation plan to drive user acceptance and adoption, maximising the value of investment.

Independent Programme Assurance

Increasing stakeholder confidence with an objective assessment, managing risk and providing valuable insights into your portfolio or programme. 

Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management

Setting up a best-in-class portfolio, programme and project management office through effective governance, executive engagement and effective delivery.

Process Improvement

Identification of problematic processes, driving rapid, iterative incremental improvement, to optimise performance and reduce bottlenecks. 

Procurement Transformation

Cutting through the complexity of procurement transformation with an end-to-end, proven process across 6 key focus areas for faster benefit realisation. 

Recovery & Turnaround

Developing improvement strategies and delivering performance improvements for  underperforming accounts, departments and programmes. 

Service Design & Transition

 Ensuring services are designed, developed and delivered in a way that meets the needs of the customers and the business to drive performance. 

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Design & Implementation

A formal SRM strategy including segmentation against objective criteria, capability mapping and rigorous governance to improve performance. 

Target Operating Model Implementation

A tailored approach to ensure the best use of resources against business strategy. Capability assessment, organisational realignment and change management.

At Condor Group, our experts use years of experience to select the right toolkit to support you and your organisational goals. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you. 

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