Sustainable Growth

Drive business prosperity with a programmatic approach to transition and retention. 

Our proven experience in transition, sales enablement and account planning allows organisations to make the most of their customer base. Getting new customers into BAU efficiently, as well as quickly identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities delivers bottom-line impact for organisations.

What Condor can do for your company's growth:

  • Sales process efficiency
  • Service design
  • Transition strategy
  • Account strategy
  • Contract recovery

Winning new customers is more challenging than ever.  It's critical to get new customers transitioned as quickly as possible while also maximising existing accounts. 

Every company has unique challenges and growth opportunities. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you grow. 

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- Client Account Director Enterprise, Facilities Management Organisation

Condor Group show a depth of knowledge and expertise in programme, change, transition and transformation management. They delivered many growth programmes, transitioning new services and sites on a global level.

What also helped was that Condor Group were always willing to step up to support and take ownership, it helps that they are A+ human beings.